Friday, January 11, 2013

Part 5 - You are my Fave

You guys? You've read this far? You are the best.

Tonight I have shipped my children off to their Aunt and Uncle's house for a spend the night.

I was debating whether or not I was going to have my glass of wine in a water bottle next to me so that the very instant that I pulled in the driveway I could sip away. (I didn't do that, just so you know.)

I am very sure that when I pick them up in the morning I will love them again - but as of right now? They are safely tucked about 60 miles away and I am here... alone... with a glass of wine and Winnie. Grant will be home shortly. What children?

I can't decide whether I want to take off my slippers and put on shoes or whether or not the slippers are here to stay.

We are thinking about going to Les Miserables. I have always wanted to read the book. Perhaps I will.

Tomorrow, Grant and I are getting up early and going running together. Alone. This is only the second time since I starting running that that will have happened. I am looking forward to it very much.

Thanks for reading about then and now. I only lend my voice to interpret the things I see and hear. These experiences are not mine alone. This blog is not about me - only the way that I see this life that has been given to me. I hope that you will come back and watch along with me.

Grant is walking through the door.  Goodnight.

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