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My story starts on the day when I boarded an airplane with a one-way ticket to the other side of the country. Did I have a plan? Not exactly. I just wanted to see what I would find due east of where I was standing. Do you know what I found? Myself.
Peep it while you can - we rarely look this composed.

My name is Sharon and this is where I am writing my story. I'm glad you are here.

Shortly after my airplane landed, I set about trying to exact my independence. I learned the public transportation routes, took myself out to eat, and started a new job. It was all very "independent" until the second day when I met the boy/man who would eventually become my husband. We've loved each other big and ferociously since that day.

We took that big love and we got ourselves married. The rest has been a bit of a maelstrom of activity:babyhouseGodbabyhousebabybabybabyhomeschool. We've had ups and we've had downs but for the most part: We are killing it.
We were singing Heart to Heart by Kenny Loggins - who incidentally looks a bit like my husband.
While I was growing up, my mother and grandmother would spin fanciful stories about the women who came before us. There was a gifted musician, sought by the world's finest music companies, who left the prospect of fame and fortune to become a Dominican Sister. My great-grandmother was a Swedish woman with a big sense of humor whose recipes are the stuff of legend. There were war brides, young mothers, artists, and grief. I have all of these stories - and all the while I am creating my own. This blog is a tribute to the women before me and a love letter to my children.
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This blog is about how I see womanhood; how I see my Faith; how I see family; and how I see the world. I hope I can show my children, and you, the world As I See It. And I hope we can be tellers of our stories, prayers for each other, and holders of each other's hands. Join me?

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