Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Part 2 - I Get My Wish, Big Time!

Monet had the canvas.

Ansel Adams had the camera.

Donatello had bronze.

Sharon Steele has hair.

I want to be a hairstylist so hard! Honest to goodness, I had to restrain myself from touching a woman's hair who was sitting in front of me in Mass this past Sunday. The texture of her hair was so different from anything I'd seen before and I had an almost uncontrollable urge to ask her if I could finger her tresses.

There are so many reasons why it might not be a good idea to choose this line of work right now. (Dear 18-year Old Self, Skip college, go to beauty school, read classical literature and you'll be all good. Sincerely, Your nearly 40-year old Self.) (Sorry Mom, I know that pisses you off.) The first reason, well, as we discussed yesterday, I already have a job. The second, what funky little upstart is going to want to come get their hair done by a Basketball mom freshly out of beauty school? I am thinking not a lot.

So why, WhYYY??! do I want to do it so badly?

Well, the good Lord must have heard me sneak in a couple of prayers (Heavenly Father, I pray for peace in Syria, an end to abortion, graces for my mom as she begins RCIA andpleasefindawayformetogotobeautyschool. Amen.) because He provided BIG.

This Saturday I was the sole hairstylist for the Lumen Christi production of Beauty and the Beast Junior with a cast of about 50. That's right - I got to do about 25 heads of hair (only the girls) this weekend and it was FANTASTIC!!I had so much fun creating and designing - studying characters and developing styles that would stand out on the stage. I had two favorites

Madame LaGrande Bouche
The Wardrobe
On stage she is often represented like this:
Harris Costumes
But since we had a minimal budget and since this girl was like 9, I went with this:
I pulled out the offending pins!!
But isn't it "Grande?" There were feathers and pearls and it was big and gorgeous.

My other favorite was the braid and fishtail buns that I put on the girls who were in the chorus: the silverware, napkins and plates for "Be Our Guest." They turned out like this:

You like them??  I KNOW!! I do too!! They were so sweet and you could see all of their pretty faces - which is really the point of good hair isn't it? To accessorize that amazing face you have.

Oh, one more thing. I also made some Lana Del Rey looking hairpieces which got nixed from the final show. Don't tell anyone, but I have been wearing them around my house ever since the show. 

Add caption
The show was great. The kids were impossibly good. I got to live my hairy dream in a big way.


Becky said...

Sharon, Save the date: June 22nd. You can do my girls' hair for their dance recital!

Sharon Kieffer Steele said...

You best believe it is already on my calendar. Woot!

Emily J. said...

Will you come to Guam to do my hair for the Seabee Ball in March? And you can teach my Annie to do the fishtail thing, because I don't do hair.

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