Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Head Stylist in Charge

Watch out Beebs. Michael Steele's hair is almost as epic. 
Dear Ben. you are going through an awkward phase. That's ok. We all do it. Stevie Kieffer wore only a burgundy turtleneck paired with his amazing mullet for about 6 months solid. I ratted my bangs so hard that I made carnies at the State Fair gasp in amazement. Rumor has it that Grant Steele wanted to wear airbrushed overalls with one side undone. You'll be ok, son. You'll be ok. Steer clear from Axe Body Spray, faux-hawks, and white rapping. I know I might not seem "cool" but I won't steer you wrong.

Love, Mommy Dearest

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