Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't Take This the Wrong Way

There is someone in my household, who shall remain nameless, who hates blogging so much. He or she thinks it is self-important and vain.  This person thinks that the whole onset of push-button publishing is too easy and lend itself to loads of misinformation clogging the arteries of the information superhighway.  And mixed-metaphors and other sorts of logical atrocities. If I am honest, I agree with him. Or her. You know what I mean.

Call me a simpleton, (you won't be the first) but voyeurism is one of my most favorite pastimes. If you leave your windows open, be sure that I am going to look in and check out your place. I like to see what people are wearing, how they style their life (hair, clothes, makeup, furniture, walls, etc.) and that is why I love blogs and social networking so much. There is a fine line, however. Being the author, editor, stylist, photographer, model and star of one's own blog puts a bit too much emphasis on the weight of one's self, doesn't it.

"So there I was in my tangerine cowl neck sweater wondering, Does Gun Control really work?"
It is probably a good idea when approaching blogging to remember to keep the "self" in check. I can lend my voice or opinion to an idea or a story, but the idea has to stand for itself. Having a good in-house critic can help to keep you in check, too. Let it never be said that I am not super lucky.

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