Friday, January 25, 2013

And the Winner is....

from My Clones in Action

Congratulations. Let me tell you 3 wonderful things about Krystin:

1) She is a woman of incredible faith and she's proud to show it.  I admire her for her frankness and candor. Fight the good fight, sister.

2) She is hilarious. We share a similar sense of humor and I find her positively side-splitting.... go figure.

3) She loves with ALL her heart. If she is in your life, you will feel loved. Period.

Send me your address, mama.  I hope you love your present. I made them all by myself.  (Earrings.  They're earrings.)

There'll be more giveaways soon.  Mostly because I do crafts while the kids are doing school so I don't poke my eyes out from boredom - and Grant is sick and tired of all my stuff all over the house.  Lucky you!

Thank you guys. I really mean it.

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