Friday, April 19, 2013


April 19, 2013

Dear Diary,

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Today in Boston two suspects have been identified in the bombings that happened earlier this week at the Boston Marathon.  The suspects, legally in the United States and Chechen citizens, happen to be brothers.

Never mind the commentary on where our world seems to be heading.  Never mind the reality of terrorism seems to have crept into the American reality like Ireland and Israel, there is one aspect of this particular crime that seems to haunt me: Their family is in utter shock.  They refuse to believe that two smart, accomplished, ambitious young men could possibly be involved with something so sinister and heinous.

The father was interviewed by a Boston radio station and stated that his children 'hated terrorism.' They hated guns and violence. He was so proud of them and believed so much in their capacity for good. They had aspirations to become physicians.  He called to check on them in the wake of the bombings to make sure they were ok and they assured him and their sister that they were safe. Dear God! How? Why?

I grieve with America for the loss of innocent life. I think of Martin Richard and his family who will never have their little boy again. I pray for the wellness of the people who were privy to the carnage and their future emotional stability. I pray that they will be able to identify with Christ crucified and his capacity for understanding of the people who called for His brutal death. This is a fallen world. A fallen, desperate world.

While we grieve with the Americans, please friends, remember that father in Chechnya. Remember that man who held his sons as babies and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. He, too, was deceived. He believed so passionately in the capacity of his sons who disgraced him so completely. He is a victim, too. I pray, as well, for all victims of deceit. The emotional wounds run deep and leave scars that will never heal.

Live in the light, my friends. Let your yeas be yeas and let your neighs be neighs.

We will stand back up. We will rise again; but now? Now is the time for grief.

Yours truly, Sharon

PS. Tomorrow I will review the Mandarin Spinach Salad. I was too sad today.

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