Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a good day... A very good day.

Late yesterday, snow started to fall in Virginia. When I say snow, I mean lots of snow. (Well, for us, that is.) The kids woke up this morning to a neighborhood covered in a big fluffy blanket of white. School was cancelled and we got to snuggle in bed for an extra hour or so, drinking in the coziness of a snow day in March!

While we lay in bed, we kept the phone next to us because we were expecting a phone call. The kids waited and watched the clock because they were awaiting some very exciting news. A new cousin was scheduled to make an arrival this morning. What could be better than a snow day AND and a new baby?!

Well, the phone did ring and the news was heralded around the house. Joyful shouts of elation:


Aunt Megan and Uncle Enzo welcomed the newest addition to their family this morning. A sweet little girl named Elizabeth Jane. She weighs 8 lbs 9 ozs and the first descriptions of her included details of her long eyelashes and lots of black hair. Aunt Megan says she looks like Maria. Uncle Enzo thinks she looks like Matthew. Whomever she looks like, we know she will be adorable. She is joining a family that is so thrilled to welcome her into their lives.

God bless you little Elizabeth. We love you already.

1 comment:

Betty Duffy said...

You can tell Megan that I heard the news here first. YAY!!!!IT's a girl!!!

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