Wednesday, March 11, 2009


There is a trend that I love. There are people who are buying older homes with original fixtures and keeping them in their original state. Instead of renovating these homes they are restoring the integrity of the structure. One particular blogger had a photo shoot in her Retro House because the ambiance is so cool.

This got me to thinking about our bathroom. Maybe instead of thinking of it in terms the dark secret of our house or the armpit of our lovely home, I could start thinking of it as "Retro." I mean - this is a 30 year old home and everything in this bathroom is original. Doesn't that make it antique? Or kitschy?

So, with my newfound change of perspective, I hired aspiring photographer and chef Michel-Kolbe to take some pictures of me in "Retro Bathroom." I think he really captured my Retro essence in the relic of a bathroom. If you would like to stage your own photo shoot in my bathroom, we will be accepting reservations starting immediately. Michel-Kolbe is available to take your photographs. Time slots will be filling up quickly. Reserve your spot now.


Pedge said...

SKS, You look adorable! You may remember that I said you saved me from tearing up some carpet once. My entire house is 1970's Spanish Vogue. The good thing is, not one room has been updated and it all matches; the bad news is, not one room has been updated. I think I'll plan a photo shoot!

Sharon Kieffer Steele said...

Pedge, Did you check out CJane's blog? I love her descriptions and pictures of "Retro House." I love the idea of embracing the integrity of the era. LOVE.

My grandma has a turn-of-the-century Victorian in the East Bay of California. It is stunning. Nothing has been touched. It still has an ice box from pre-freezer days. I remember cringing even as a child when an uncle recommended knocking out the walls of her breakfast nook to make a bigger kitchen.

Your house sounds great. I would love to see pictures. (I would love to take the pictures!!)

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