Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Life on a Diet - Week 2

I started out this week feeling very stressed about this diet. I felt like I had to analyze everything I put into my mouth and discern whether it was Core or not. I felt like I was sacrificing some of the things that are very distinct about my particular palette. For instance: I hate diet soda. But in an effort to "Be On A Diet" I was drinking diet soda. It made me mad - anxious - ready to quit.

I liken it to the times when I decide to give up the word "Like." My speech is very halting, abbreviated, punctuated. I have to consciously examine each word that I speak. You have to understand, "Like" is so ingrained in my vernacular that without it I speak few words at all. I mean, I am from The Valley. (Okay, not THE Valley, but the one right next to it.) We invented the common usage of the word Like. They taught it in Grammar. My parents were like, "That's not proper English," and we were all like, "You are like hella old, don't you know that grammar is like organic?" I digress.

So, I have decided to modify my diet routine a bit. I have given up the nasty, chemically diet soda and I am sticking to water. I never want to taste the Miracle-Whippy tang of reduced fat mayo again. I am sticking with lemon juice and salt and pepper for my tuna sandwich. I feel comfortable again. (Even though I am pretty sure my skin smells like garlic from all the seasoning I have to do to make the food enjoyable.) And I am starting to lose a bit of weight. Not a lot, but I feel healthier, and I am enjoying what I am eating. If you would have asked me last Monday if I was going to hang in there, I probably would have said no. But today, I am pretty sure that this will stick.

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Betty Duffy said...

Your blog just keeps getting cuter.
Are you having a snow day today too?

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