Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Flippin' New Year!

Why do I do this to myself? So, one of my New Years Resolutions was to exercise more. Once the kids were back to school I dug out my old hand weights and did one of my old exercise videos. Well, now I have been hobbling around this house in sheer pain for the past two days. And for what? I am not going to be in any better shape when the pain wears off. My LIFE is a marathon! I am running around this house like a crazy person from 6:30 am until 8 at night. Video Schmideo. Resolution broken.

And I got to thinking, who needs New Years anyway??! Every time I walk out of that confessional I get a big fat do-over. New Years can be every day.

Ha. I feel better already. I think I am going to go sit on the couch and eat a piece of bread. Yummm.

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