Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inspired by Nie

A couple of weeks ago, Christi, of Poczatek Post fame sent me a link that I think will forever change my perspective. Perhaps you may have heard of her. She goes by Nie Nie, but her name is Stephanie Nielsen. Her blog is The Nie Nie Dialogues and it has moved me to tears each and every time I have clicked on it.

Stephanie is a mom of 4 like me. She loves her life as a wife and mother like I do. She likes photography like I do. She loves crafts - me, too. Several months ago, she and her husband were in a catastrophic plane crash. They both survived but suffered burns to much of their bodies. You can read her story on her blog. It is a tale of faith, determination, fidelity, of trying to move on in the face of tragedy. It is a tale of hope and not taking your every day for granted. Nie Nie makes me want to take my precious children in my arms and whisper my thankfulness and gratitude to them for their very existence. It makes me want to lift my arms to the Lord and give praise and thanksgiving for His very creation. See, now I am crying again. It is that powerful.

So, if indeed you do peruse her blog, you will find that she is very partial to silhouettes. (I don't know if I spelled that right, and I am too lazy right now to check. Forgive me if that is a misspell. I detest misspelled words.) Inspired by her and her love of crafts, I decided to make silhouettes of my own family. Husband is missing right now - I need to grab his when he gets home from work - but aren't these FABULOUS?? Thank you Nie Nie.
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Christi said...

you are too crafty! how'd you do that? anyway, when I read her story and blog, I immediately knew you two were kindred spirits. She is inspiring, and makes you want to savor each tasty moment of life!

Anonymous said...

Please do not mount this over our fire place.

Your Husband

Sharon Kieffer Steele said...

Dear Husband.
So much for your "taste" in art! Maybe we could hang the "Dancing Bears" there instead?

Silhouettes are beautiful and all my friends think so. Hmmph!

xxoo :)

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