Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Oh ye silly football fans.....

Why did you think that the half-time show at the Superbowl would resemble anything tasteful, classy or artistic? That is not rhetoric, friends. Ask yourself, why did you expect Beyonce perform in a way that was anything other than overtly sexual?

But she was scantily clad! Her performance was obviously sexually charged and TEMPTED men into feelings of LUST and IMPURITY!

To those who offer these weak attempts at vilifying only Beyonce and her performance I offer you this....

 Let me break it down for you, fellas:
Football consists of a rich benefactor who decides to purchase a group of physically dominant men to participate in a violent, warlike game. Paying spectators are served beer and are entertained by sexually charged performances by impossibly beautiful women.

and yet we somehow expected the Halftime Show at the Superbowl to be some bastian of morality?

Give me a stinking break.

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