Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Tonight

This is the time of day that I have been designating for use of the internet. The kids are snug in their beds, my sweet husband is in the basement, the tv is off and all is peace and quiet. Usually before I write on my own little blog, I check out my usual haunts, blogs that have spoken to me in one way or the other over the years. I am sure that I have linked to all of them from time to time. Tonight, everyone else on my elite list of blog-sites has said everything that I might possibly say. I would take the time to link to the posts, but I don't have any energy for that. Suffice it to say, I have nothing left to say.

My only wish is for you to have a lovely evening. I am about to embark on one myself -

Plus, I got a new book.

1 comment:

Emily J. said...

What's the new book to follow up Austen? I'm ready for something new!

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