Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How the Mighty Fall

After a couple of weeks of unparalleled organization and harmony in our little household - I sit before you tonight a bit frenzied and harried after completely falling off the domestic wagon.

I won't sell anyone in our family out - but there is only one person who caused me to fall. (Just to be clear, that person is not my husband.) But his antics today sent my sweet little peace-and-order streak crashing like a house of cards.

So, as I sit here pouring a bag of mini-chocolate chips into my mouth, with the school uniforms still in the washer, and the dropped morsels of dinner still under the dinner table - I will tell you that I deserve this little "me" party right now and the rest can wait until the morning. Perhaps a good night sleep will cure whatever ailed the guilty party today and we can start over tomorrow.

Until then, it's tv and chocolate chips. Life is good.

1 comment:

Emily J. said...

Ha! I've finished more than one bag of chocolate chips (age reducing antioxidants, right?)in a state of desperation. My children's wellbeing depends on it.

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