Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello, Old Friend.

Boredom begets boredom. For me, anyway.

I found myself daydreaming last night about my camera. My camera is my most treasured material posession. I have missed the charge I get from capturing a fantasic image. I have missed the challenge of stretching my capacities. Winter has left me with bad light and little energy. Bored.

Today, with my house clean and my dinner ready to be cooked, I decided to haul out my favorite gadget and start snapping away. It was like receiving a phone call from a cherished old friend. Love.

None of my pictures turned out worthwhile, but the feeling is what I have missed. I give to you a couple of pictures that I have taken in the past few months. I hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to give you more.

The first two pictures were taken in the Apothecary Museum in Old Town Alexandria. It was George Washington's pharmacy when he lived nearby.

The picture of Ben is just because. Bad picture - wonderful kid. He has endeared himself to me on more than one instance lately. Isn't it funny how you can fall more in love with someone - for no apparent reason?

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