Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Mother - Skinny Fashionista

So, in the same way I am compelled to call out my dad, I must also call out my mom.

Reason 1) Yesterday was my mama's 55th birthday. Does this lady look like she is 55 years old? No. She has never looked her age a day in her life. With her recent drop of a couple pounds and her keen decision to grow out her bangs she is looking as fresh and lovely as ever. Great. People have always thought that she was my sister. It looks like before long people will be assuming that I am the mother and she is my daughter. I have to ditch these sweatpants on the double.

Reason 2) It seems from this picture that my mom has finally embraced my long held love for scarves and wraps. I say this not just because this is my favorite outfit in the whole wide world but because it comes from the depths of honesty - You look absolutely beautiful. Timeless. Tasteful. And your drink isn't pink. Hmmmmmmm.
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