Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Father - EcoActivist??!

If I am going to continue to write on this blog (and lookey here - I am not making any promises!) you will probably run into the occasional reference to my parents. I could write endless volumes about our laughs, loves, animals, adventures. About the endlessly effective yet often less-than-mainstream ways that they taught us the ways of the world. But this is not the day that I will do that. My mom sent me the following picture which I am obliged to post here. These are the reasons why:

1) My dad is one handsome guy. My girlfriend (some twenty-five years younger than him) swoons over a picture I have of him hanging in my bathroom. (Yes, I do have a picture of my father in my bathroom. I didn't realize how weird that was until I just put it down in writing.) But sometimes his personal style leaves a bit to be desired. While I have always admired his unrepentant commitment to individuality his famous "cutoffs" have always made me a bit edgy. And then there was the time he wore his EOMB tee shirt to a black-tie gala just because everybody else was "black tie." If you don't know what the EOMB is... well, I'll say it. It is a motorcycle gang. My 54 year old father is in a motorcycle gang and he has been for about 35 years. So, I couldn't help but take notice when my mom sent me this picture of my dad at a party looking smooth! Nice Coat! Nice Hair! Is that drink in your hand PINK??? Dear me. Guys in motorcycle gangs apparently drink pink cocktails. What is the world coming to?

2) The party where this now infamous picture was taken was a who's-who of the San Francisco Green Scene. Rumor has it that Al Gore was on the invite list. Swanky. All I want to know is, during all the chit-chat and small talk, did my dad tell anyone the story about the time that he threw the enormous McDonalds bag FILLED with trash out of the window of his truck on Northbound 99 in Stockton??

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S to the K said...

Oh you mean, the "Ball Wangers?" How dare you deny their name. Of which still remain hidden behind the washing machine to this day.

Sharon Kieffer Steele said...

Yeah, I suppose I just thought that it would be weird to mention "Dad" and "Balls" in the same post. Particularly when I already confessed that I have a picture of him in my powder room. Read "There Must be Nothing on TV" for my additional comments. I made a firm request!

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