Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I take compliments where I can get them!

One thing I can say for myself is that I am indeed fickle. Anyone who has seen our annual family photo from year to year can attest to this just by watching my hair change. Sometimes I am a fun-loving blonde, sometimes I am a mysterious brunette. There are times I have bangs and there are times that I don't. Well, this principle can be ported over into just about every other facet of my life: I crave change.

So, today, a funny thing happened. I was doing my daily brain-drain of lurking on several blogs that I like and I noticed something curious. A blogger that I adore listed ME, yes you read right, ME! as one of her "Interesting Friends." Now, I realize that that is just a blanket title for where she lists fellow bloggers that she knows - but friends and family, for the first time in a long time, I was called interesting. And by a writer who I greatly admire, no less.

You know, at one time in my life I thought I would be a writer. Seems funny to imagine that one who has not read a single book in some 5 or 6 years thought that she could compete in the world of writing, but yes, I was that delusional. But today, something changed. Today, I am "Interesting." And I think with my newfound title, I will endeavor to contribute the written word to this humble blog. Because, as reflected in my hair, I love change.

Stay tuned in right here for the occasional musing. But while you're at it go check out http://bettyduffy.blogspot.com/ You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll keep a-coming back for more. And she called me interesting..... sheesh!

1 comment:

Betty Duffy said...

Come on...anyone with an alleged REM tattoo on her four X pregnant stomach is INTERESTING! Sorry I missed that one.

I like your "written word" posts (and that is a non-blanket compliment just for you).

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