Thursday, October 8, 2009

For Grant

Sense - This Picture Makes None
Funny MySpace Pictures


Anonymous said...

This makes perfect sense to me.

This picture symbolizes Vader’s turning away from the dark side and embracing his rightful place with Obi Won and Yoda in Jedi heaven.

You see… the Brita water filter represents Luke (his son). By pouring his love (the force) into Luke, Vader’s purifies his Midi-chlorians(see note I). Vader’s expression of love comes during the dramatic conclusion of Return of the Jedi (see note II), when he saves Luke from the evil Emperor. By turning away from the dark side at his moment of death, Anakin Skywalker stands beside his friends at the end of the film (sheds tear).

Note I : Midi-chlorians (also spelled "midi-clorians" or "midichlorians") are a microorganism in the fictional Star Wars galaxy, first mentioned in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. They are microscopic life-forms that reside within the cells of all living things and communicate with the Force. Midi-chlorians compose a collective consciousness and intelligence, forming links between everything living and the Force. They are symbionts with all other living things; that is, without them, life could not exist. The Jedi have learned how to listen to and coordinate the midi-chlorians. In order to be a Jedi or a Sith, one must have a high enough concentration of midi-chlorians in one's cells.
Note II: Return of the Jedi was the worst of the original 3 movies. Ewoks were Lucas’ first step in creating Jar-Jar Binks

Note III : George Lucas raped my childhood with his re-realsing the original 3 films in 1997. Included are 2 changes that essentially altered the Star Wars Universe. 1) In the cantina, Greedo now fires first as Han dodges the shot; then Greedo is shot by Han3 Star Wars films. 2) A CGI version of Jabba the Hutt confronts Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon's launch bay, and new dialogue was recorded in the Huttese language.

Final Thought, the last 3 SW films tainted the legacy of the Star Wars Universe.

Sharon Kieffer Steele said...

Ooooooh, I get it now.

Crazy funny.

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