Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I have to:

9:00 drive Josh to speech
9:45 drive Josh to school
10:00 Run to the grocery store
10:15 Attend Mass (my only respite)
11:30 Meet friend for kids playtime/lunch
12:30 Home to Nap Lucy
2:30 pick up kids from school
5:00 take Ben to scouts meeting
6:00 take Josh to scouts meeting
7:00 take all kids home and drop off friend
7:30 Grant has meeting
8:30 Collapse into Bed

But all I really want to do is:
Sometime: Attend Mass
Whenever: Go pick up a Chai Tea Latte/Skim Milk
After That: Go to TwoGuys Antiques and go shopping

Wednesdays Stink.


Anonymous said...

hey - how about 9:30 - be romantic with husband.

Sharon Kieffer Steele said...

Dear Anonymous,
You read my mind.
Love, SKS

megan said...

ok, i just threw up in my mouth

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