Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dad Jeans

I've never had what one may consider a overly-feminine body. The places that should be curvy are straight and the places that should be slender are not. And that is ok. Because I overcompensate for the curses of nature with clothes. I love to dress my schlumpy body in delicate and feminine pieces. Scarves and ruffles and skirts, O My! They make me happy. But every once in a while I get a desire to don a pair of jeans. And that is always a bad decision. So bad, that even my 3-year old notices.

Sunday, I decided to wear a pair of dark wash denim jeans for the first time since I gave birth to Lucy. Mostly, I was curious to see if they'd fit. I pulled them up, up, up over my hips and secured the button and zipper easily. SCORE! My prepregnancy jeans fit! I put on a sweatshirt and some fuzzy socks... and then I bumped into Annie. She squealed, Mommy! You look handsome in those jeans! I said, "You mean pretty?" And she answered, No, not pretty, Mommy. Handsome. Like a boy.

Pop. Bubble officially burst.

1 comment:

Emily J. said...

HA! Honesty! Claire regularly tells me to change my clothes. But she wears the same curvy feminine jeans with butterflies everyday, so I tell her to change too.

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