Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So much to say,

Where to begin?

It is 8:30 pm, the kids are asleep, Grant is out on the town, (no really, he is at church, but it is a lot more fun to say he is "out on the town") I have on my favorite jammies, (the ones my mom bought me this weekend) my feet are up and my tv is on. Oh happy night. The only thing that would make this night better would be a Jamba Juice (impossible) and/or an enormous Toblerone.

Before I move along, all I am saying is that Scrubs sucks now. It used to be so funny. So. Funny. I digress.

Where to start. Ben received his first Communion this weekend. I haven't quite wrapped words around my feelings yet so bear with me while I attempt to unwrap this experience for you. It was surreal. This was the first "First Communion" in our family, besides our own and it made me feel at once thrilled for him and also keenly aware that time is passing right before our eyes. Our child, the person who made us parents, is now able to more fully participate in this faith that we proclaim. It was beautiful and emotional and mysterious.

My mom flew in to participate in the festivities. My mom. My best friend. She showed an amazing amount of stamina. I don't know anyone else who could fly in on a red-eye, go directly to a program at the school, come home to play with the kids, sleep for an hour, and then go fresh as a daisy to a baseball game. I was exhausted. I don't know how she does it, but she does and we are grateful. It is amazing to watch the kids with her. It is as if no time goes by at all. They eat her up like a lollypop.

And finally, our Josh, along with his class sang the National Anthem at a Nationals Game. (The Potomac Nationals, but still... it was big time for him.) To watch him out on that field, without us, singing... well, once again I became acutely aware just how independent these children are getting. It is a strange and wonderful experience to witness your children make progress that is all their own.

Grant and I spent a lot of time this weekend with our heads on eachothers shoulders and our hands clasped together. What an awesome tribute to this love that we share, to be surrounded by our dear family, watching our children as they progress down this road of life. We are building a legacy. That became quite clear this weekend.

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