Friday, April 10, 2009

Quickies: From Our Home to Yours...

1) Josh lost his first tooth this week. He was disappointed because the Tooth Fairy only brought him $1. Sheesh! What on earth was he expecting?? Hasn't that kid heard we are in a recession?

On a related note, his teacher has an "I Lost a Tooth" binder where the kindergarteners can write down the gory details of their falling out teeth. One kid wrote that the Tooth Fairy brought him $20! Twenty Bucks? Shoot. I am going to pull out one of my teeth and stick it under my own pillow if I can get that kind of loot.

2) I always know when the kids have something big planned for us. It is something in the way they run, the way they shush themselves before they barge in to reveal their plans, the way they chatter among themselves for several seconds before approaching. Yesterday I could sense their excitement and knew that they had done something for me. I could hear the running, the chatter, the excited shushes.... they opened the garage door and entered the kitchen where I was preparing dinner with armloads of flowers among them: All of the bulbs from our garden. Well, all except one lone daffodil that survived the mass clearing.

What do you do in that situation? I gave them each a big hug and thanked them for their gift. The irises and the lilies have yet to bloom - all is not lost. But perhaps a lesson in horticulture might be in order before the next round of blooms graces our yard.

3) I took the kids on a hike today by myself - and I am proud of that. We had so much fun. Wanna see some pictures? Here ya go:


Anonymous said...

these pictures are so cute. you really take great pics. joseph and josh are twins hun? just different coloring

post pics from the camping trip.


S to the K said...

A dollar is pretty stiff... Is the tooth fairy a boy or girl in your house? I swear I always pictured him as a boy, but now thinking that sounds kinda gay.
Have you forgotten your only brother?
Inlaws don't count..

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